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stars & stripes.

July 5, 2011

this past weekend was quite possibly one of the best i’ve had in LA so far. i worked short shifts at express, read while drinking iced coffee in the sunshine, scored some amazing clothing at american apparel, zara, & j.crew. finally met the adorably, wonderful brooke lemoine after being LJ friends for about 5 years now or something. ¬†instantly we were in love and are already formulating plans for cohabitation in los feliz or hollywood come october (yet another gemini to add to my list of beautiful twin friends). went to a party in culver city, drank some beer, made some veggie kebabs at a poolside bbq, and actually slept in for once!

oh &.
my roommate comes home tomorrow eve. at last.

{downtown LA during my favorite time of day}

{janey, my lovely coworker at 2.0 agency, & customer relations manager extraordinaire}

{sparkler showdown}

{brooke!}{veggie kebabs & tecate}{festive dessert}

{brooke, talia, et moi}

hope your independence day was just as lovely as mine was! xx

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