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black dress with the tights underneath..

March 5, 2010

hello blog world.

it’s a sunny friday afternoon and i just spent about 20 minutes trying to peel a gigantic orange only to find that it’s not even sweet(!). i’m deathly hungover so i really needed that orange.  but whatevs.

last night my friend aisha from work had a party thrown for her (belated) birthday at a club downtown.  she invited me and a few other girls to enjoy bottle service and VIP treatment was incredibly fun.   i’m such a bum and NEVER go out,  but i’m really glad i did.  i pretty much spent the entire night dancing, which is surprisingly invigorating even in 4 inch heels.

us (unfortunately aisha is not in this pic):

basically i’m game for any excuse to get all glammed up and free drinks are always a plus šŸ˜‰

other than that i’ve been reading short stories by Haruki Murakami, scouring the planet for new good music (so if you have any suggestions send them my way!), and offering to give up all my earthly possessions if only summer would come a bit sooner.

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