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February 10, 2010
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it’s days like this that i absolutely cannot wait to move to LA.  what i’m doing to survive the second blizzard of the week..

well first off listening to the following playlist i made this morning entitled stillness as flourishing (it’ll jump start your morning i promise):

  1. “the ongoing horrible” by maps & atlases
  2. “she said” by lissy trullie
  3. “new revolution” by azure ray
  4. “i’ll believe in anything” by wolf parade
  5. “everbody” by ingrid michaelson
  6. “smile” by lily allen
  7. “running from the cops” by phantogram
  8. “the universe is going to catch you” by the antlers

and because i woke up with a stuffy nose and sore throat i’ve been drinking this:

& decided to pair it with some ultra-comfort food (grilled cheese + tomato soup).  now i absolutely have to clean my apartment before i lose my mind.

stay warm! ♥

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