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a strong start.

February 9, 2010
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so, this morning i forced myself out of bed at 8 a.m. determined to make the bus to the gym in time for a short run and a subsequent “pure power yoga/pilates fusion” class.  i’ve majorly fallen off of my workout schedule due to my senseless & persistent waitressing job, but my body was beginning to feel a bit too ‘mushy’ for comfort.  i started out with a 15-minute run which felt great and then headed into the studio ready to be rejuvenated.  hmph.  now, i’ve been to other yoga classes at my gym but never this one, & i was most definitely in a for a treat.  within in minutes i was trembling, shaking, sweating, and gasping for air as kerry (the instructor) encouraged us to fight through it; at one point i honestly felt like giving up.  however as class went on, it didn’t get easier per se, but i was able to clear my mind and find a place where the physical was merely a foundation for the mental.  success!  i left the studio feeling happy and awakened.  nothing like getting your ass kicked on the mat to bring you back to life.

by the time i got home i was RAVENOUS, because obviously rolling out of bed 15 minutes before i have to leave doesn’t allow time for breakfast.  i decided to modify a recipe i stumbled across in Glamour (March 2010) last night: lemony egg salad with basil and capers on toast.  I decided to nix the capers & toast and instead put the egg salad inside a lightly toasted pita with fresh spring greens.

i’m pretty sure it was gone with-in seconds and it was super easy to make and is perfect for a very light lunch.  now.  if only i didn’t have to go out in this blizzard to go to work in a few hours. 😦

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